About Standard Templates Upgrade

Dear Pushauction User

Pushauction Standard templates have been upgraded to new V3 version to support eBay active content policy on May 4th,2017. Detail about this eBay new policy, please refer to following link:

Operating method as below:

Step 1 Choose a V3 template

a.Click 【Designs】——【Templates market】,you can find V3 templates which support eBay requirement,including front page,store page,listing page(with 2 picture layout) and mobile page.
b.Click the【select】on the right
c.Select eBay account and click OK In the pop-up window
d.Go back to【Designs】——【Design center】,click the 【management】to see the selected templates
1.Free version only can be applied to listing templates. If you need to modify templates or apply store page,please open templates service.
2.One eBay account can be added up to 12 sets of templates at most. If you want to delete template, please remove it first from the profile/listing.

Step  2

A. Upgrade V3 in profile/listing by pages (Check results)
 a.Click Profile/Listing
 b.Choose the eBay account
 c.Click 【Old stand.template】on the left
 d.Select 100 records in single page and click 【Upgrade to V3 template】
 e.Click 【select template】in the pop-up window, select the V3 (added in Step 1) and click 【Next】.
 f.In the confirm change page, click 【update】,then it will update to V3 and suggest the result.

B. Upgrade V3 in profile/listing by eBay accounta. Click Profile/Listing
 b.Choose the eBay account
 c.Click 【Upgrade to V3 template】on the right
 d.Click 【select template】in the pop-up window, select the V3 (added in Step 1) and click 【Update】.
Note: eBay will not allow listing changes from API when eBay token expired,auction listing having a bid or it is ending in 12 hours and so on.