About the eBay external link requirement

Dear Pushauction User

eBay have started to prohibit the content of the publication with external links, including:

  1. with email address
  2. with any links to other websites except for eBay page, like links to the seller’s own website
  3. with direct contact information, such as phone number, mail box


If you are using our listing templates or store templates, you may receive the following eBay tips:

lin1 link2


If you see the above information, please don’t worry. Your listings are free from any restrictions and will not be ended by eBay.It won’t affect your sales. By the end of September,we will automatically finish updating your template and listing, and the eBay store, to meet the new eBay external links policy.

eBay formal implementation of external links policy will be operated in the late October. (Note: When the external links are inserted to the item description or the seller’s description,user should manually remove the links on oneself.)


Thank you for your support!

PushAuction team