The Update of eBay Seller’s Shipping Service Standard during COVID-19

If your eBay account is registered in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia or some countries and regions, please pay attention that eBay has strict requirements for the shipping of some classified categories. If your items are not posted by the specified shipping method during COVID-19, your eBay account may be restricted in sales.

Please refer to the following eBay official website for details:

China: updated)
Hong Kong:
For SEA sellers, please contact with your account manager.

About overseas warehouse delivery:

Please check and confirm whether your listings in [Listings] > [COVID-Related Categories] meet ebay’s relevent policies and standards. Take action to modify or end the unqualified listings in time. If you are unable to confirm the listings are qualified , please end the listings to avoid the ebay account limitation caused by violating the ebay policies and service standards.


Please pay close attention to eBay policy changes! Wish you all a safe, healthy and wealthy future!