2021 changes to VAT regulations in UK and EU

From 1 January 2021, eBay will be legally required to begin collecting and remitting VAT for UK imports. From that date, eBay will have to charge buyers the applicable VAT amount directly and remit this sum to the relevant authorities

UK sellers trading domestically and all sellers trading with UK buyers and listing on the UK or any EU site will need to provide both gross prices as well as the applicable VAT rate used to calculate the gross price on all listings.For all eBay UK listings (including direct delivery and overseas warehouse), the seller must provide the price including tax and the corresponding VAT rate used to calculate the price including tax, i.e. the price including tax = the price of the item * (1 + tax rate).

The Seller should complete the modification of the VAT rate in listings before January 1st, 2021.

At present, Pushauction has provided users with the function to modify the VAT rate. Please click here for management steps.

Please click here for more info from ebay.

About VAT rates guidance on different goods and services from gov.UK, please click here.