PushAuction now supports eBay business policies!

PushAuction now supports the management and use of eBay business policies! You can manage your business policies through PushAuction, and use them in templates and publications.

If you find after this update that the [payment options], [shipping options], and [return policy options] on the editorial page have changed to [eBay commercial policy], it is because eBay commercial policy is enabled, if you don’t need this feature, Can be closed according to the following method.

How to enable eBay business policy:

Click [Settings]> [eBay Account] in the upper right corner to enter the eBay account management list, click [Settings] of [Actions], check [Enable business policy] (unchecking means not enabling business policy), and click [Save]



How to manage business policies:

Click [Listings] at the top > [eBay business policy]  to enter the eBay business policy management page



Application in Listing:

When you enable eBay business policy and create a record, you can use it in the Listing