About Firefox 92.0 Login Error and Settlement

On Sep 7,2021,Firefox browser upgraded to new version 92.0,leading to blank screen appears frequently,which waiting to be fixed by Firefox in their next update.

Please use Chrome browser to login system instead. If you still insist to use Firefox ,you can use 91.0 version and close the auto update function.

Firefox 91.0 version 64bit(click here to download, use 32 if 64 is not applicable)

Firefox 91.0 version 32bit(click here to download)

Choose 1 from this 2 files


It is recommended that  to use another directory disk for installation. Do not overwrite the current Firefox during installation,otherwise it may cause browser data loss.

Enter the setting immediately after opening Firefox to turn off the auto update as below, otherwise it will be automatically upgraded to the latest version.