Q1.Your seller performance is below standard It looks like you haven’t met the minimum requirements to sell oneBay, which means we’ve limited the amount of items you can list. You should have already received an email in your My Messages section of eBay about this restriction. Seller performance standards help ensure sellers provide excellent customer service from beginning to end. When you fall below our minimum standards, you’re creating experiences that erode confidence and drive buyers away. To see the limits on your account, click the Selling link under My eBayor to learn more about why your seller level is Below Standard, go to your Seller Dashboard. {e50844-642132x} .The item cannot be listed or modified. The title and/or description may contain improper words, or the listing or seller may be in violation of eBay policy.



Q2. eBay has restricted your ability to list new items as a result of a violation of eBay’s Intellectual Property policy. You can still access other features on eBay. We'd be happy to lift this restriction once you've completed a brief tutorial about this policy. Once you've completed the tutorial, you can begin selling again immediately. Take the tutorial Thank you for supporting our efforts to maintain a safe marketplace. {e46497-168434x}.The item cannot be listed or modified. The title and/or description may contain improper words, or the listing or seller may be in violation of eBay policy.

A2: 提示是指您的eBay账号刊登受限制,请登陆您的eBay账户查看相应分类的产品刊登情况;关于您eBay账号的刊登限制,具体请咨询eBay客服。


Q3.You are no longer eligible to post listings on the US/CA sites. You may continue listing on other eBay sites. Once you’ve built a history of providing a good experience to eBay buyers, you may be able to sell internationally. Learn more about the requirements for selling internationally. {e50844-811320x}



Q4: It looks like you’ve reached the number of items and amount you can list. You can list up to 1,048 items an HK$86,696.00 in total sales this month. Request to list more: https//scgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?UpgradeLimits&appld=0&refld=19

A4: 提示您的eBay账户已经达到销售数量的限制,您需要登录eBay后台查看您的销售数量及限额,关于您eBay账号的销售限额,具体请咨询eBay客服。


Q5:失败!Revising bin price will end the promo sale on this item.PayPal may delay the settlement of funds to ensure smooth transactions. If you will publish this ad, you overcome them the maximum amount that you can put on sale. You can relist to HK $ 1,480.11 more in total sales this month. It is advisable that you reduce the starting price or you request to put more items for sale: https://scgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?UpgradeLimits&appId=15656&refId=19 

A5: 提示您的eBay账户销售金额受限,详情可参照eBay返回的提示链接,关于您eBay账号的销售限额,具体请咨询eBay客服。


Q6: You must accept the International Selling Agreement before you can list this item on a site other than where you registered or with international shipping options. If you prefer not to accept this agreement, you will need to list only where you registered and choose local postage options in this tool before resubmitting your listing. Click here

A6: 提示您的eBay账户需要接受eBay相关的国际条款协议才可以进行刊登,具体详情请点击提示进入相关链接查看。


Q7:Any statements that discourage buyers from leaving specific detailed seller ratings or Feedback, are not allowed. For example, you can't say things like: "If I receive detailed seller ratings (DSRs) of less than 5, eBay will suspend me.""eBay holds me to a standard well above 4 stars so only leave 5 stars." ” Please remove any statements such as this from your listing. You can learn more in the Item description section of our selling practices policy. {e50811-650032x}

A7: 根据eBay刊登政策要求,eBay不允许刊登描述出现“提醒买家给好评”等相关文字。请删除此类描述,再检查eBay费。



Q8: Error! AlertIf you're listing a food or healthcare item, make sure it meets all of the following conditions: The item has a clearly marked expiration date. It will be delivered to the buyer before it expires. It hasn't been changed in any way from its original condition, including packaging. It is stored safely until you ship it. We have these requirements to protect buyers from potentially harmful items. By listing your item, you agree that it meets all of these requirements. Coupons for these items aren't affected by this policy. Find out more about our food and healthcare policy. {e50849-613902x}. This Listing is a duplicate of your item: XXX. Under the Duplicate Listing policy, sellers can't have multiple Fixed Price listings, multiple Auction-style (with the Buy It Now option) listings, or in both the Fixed Price and Auction-style (with the Buy It Now option) listings for identical items at the same time. We recommend you create a multiple quantity Fixed Price listing to sell identical items.

A8: 1. 检查eBay账号是否存在重复刊登的listing;

       2. 关于食品类或保健类的物品,eBay有相关期限、存储、包装等要求; 关于您eBay账号的销售限制,具体请咨询eBay客服。



Q9: Help buyers find your item by selecting the category that describes it best. You should consider whether Computers/Tablets & Networking iPads, Tablets & eBook Readers category is a better fit for your item. If you are selling an accessory, you should consider whether the category Computers/Tablets & Networking iPad/Tablet/eBook Accesories is better suited to your item. 

 A9: eBay返回的提示,建议您根据eBay的推荐分类更换物品分类,关于商品分类的限制, 具体请咨询eBay客服。  


Q10: Your listing can't include comments that discourage buying activity. For example, we don't allow statements like "Don’t bid if you do not agree with my terms” These kinds of statements are unprofessional, may cause buyers to lose trust in eBay sellers and our website, and could also lead to losing your eBay Top Rated Seller status. You can learn more in our selling practices policy. {e50852-650187x}

A10: 根据eBay刊登政策要求,检查描述是否存在“引导购买”“暗示买家给予好评”等文字,请删除此类描述, 更多eBay刊登限制,具体请咨询eBay客服。


Q11. Alert It looks like you’re using special characters (for example, :trademark:, :emoji:, ½) in your listing title, subtitle, or item specifics. Because these types of text or characters can manipulate the search experience, this is considered a violation of our search and browse manipulation policy and is not allowed. Please go back and replace any special characters that may have been used with searchable words. (For example, use “degrees” instead of °.) Once these special characters are removed, you should be able to list your item. {e50844-768385x}
The item cannot be listed or modified. The title and/or description may contain improper words, or the listing or seller may be in violation of eBay policy.

A11. 检查刊登标题、物品属性、描述等是否出现eBay不支持的特殊字符,例如“½”,删除这些字符即可。

Q12. You have not specified in my eBay whether you are a private or business seller. Your selling privileges will be suspended until you specify your account type. Please update your registration data in my eBay.

A12. eBay返回的提示,eBay账户刊登受限。如果尝试在eBay后台也无法刊登,关于您eBay账号的刊登限制,具体请咨询eBay客服。


Q13:You are required to input the German Return Policy template(consisting of Instructions on With drawal and Model With drawal Form)into the return free text field in the German  language. Please visit the  “What information do I have to provide?” section on http://pages.ebay.de/help/sell/business/international-business-sellers.html  for a copy of the template.



Q14: HinweisAls privater Verkäufer dürfen Sie nur bis zu 9 identische Artikel in einem Festpreisangebot ("Mehrfach-Angebot") einstellen. Mehr zu dieser Richtlinie finden Sie hier: http://pages.ebay.de/help/sell/multiple.html {e50833-601757x}

A14: 根据eBay政策,您的eBay账户仅可以刊登9个相同分类的物品。 关于您eBay账号的销售限制,具体请咨询eBay客服。


Q15: We’ve noticed that your listing included an email address. eBay no longer permits email addresses in listings, whether they are clickable or not. Please remove any email addresses from your listing (from item descriptions, payment instructions, return instructions, etc.) before you resubmit it. To learn what else is no longer permitted in our updated Links policy, including links to email clients, non-clickable links and shortened URLs.

A15: 检查物品描述或卖家描述是否存在“邮件地址”、“付款方式”等信息,请删除此类描述, 更多eBay刊登限制,具体请咨询eBay客服。


Q16: 范本立即刊登出现错误提示:Your weekly selling activity limits have been exceeded, or the user has not registered as a seller. Please check eBay fr selling requirements.

A16: eBay 账户刊登数量受限或卖家资格未认证。关于eBay账户的刊登限制,具体请咨询eBay客服。

Q17: Before you can list this item we need some additional information to create a seller's account.

A17: 1. 请检查您的eBay账户是否是新注册的eBay账户,目前没有销量或信用评价等。eBay对新注册的eBay账户使用第三方工具有相关的限制,具体请咨询eBay客服。

2. 检查eBay账户是否卖家信息不完整,如不完整,请进一步完善后再返回PA系统尝试刊登。