Violation word management

The setting of violation word(s) can be used to detect whether the profiles and the listings contain violation word(s), and prevent the listing from containing violation word(s) and causing them to be removed by eBay.
Detection scope: item title/item attributes/item description
Detection type: word detection/phrase detection
Please note: Regarding phrase detection, since the item description contains HTML code, if the phrase contains HTML tags in the middle, it is considered not a coherent phrase and cannot be detected(e.g. <span>iPhone</span><span> case</span>, the phrase “iPhone case” cannot be detected at this time).Item titles and item specifics are plain text that is not HTML, which does not have this problem.

Ⅰ. Set violation word(s)

Step 1: Click [Setting] > [Listing Setting] >[Violation word management] > Click [Add] on the right;

Step 2: Input violation word/phrase > Click [Save].

If you need to take effect for a specific account/site, please click [Edit] and select the specified account/site. If no account/site is selected, it will be effective for all accounts and sites by default.


Ⅱ. Violation word detection

1. Check eBay fee of profile(s)

Please click Check eBay fee for specific operation steps.

2. Check eBay fee of listing

Step 1: Click [Listings] > [Live] > Click [Edit] on the right side of listing;

Step 2: Click [Check eBay Fee] at the lower right corner of the page.

Ⅲ. Management of violation words

Editing, searching, single/batch deletion, remarks and other operations of violation words page are supported.

The profile with schedule rule set will not be published to eBay if violation word(s) are detected. It is recommended that you first [check eBay fees] the profile before setting the schedule rule.