Auto messages

Ⅰ. Set auto messages
According to different sale status, you can define one auto message to buyers. You can check messages sending status in [CRM] > [eBay messages logs].

Step 1: Click [Setting] > [CS setting] > [Auto message] > Select sending condition > [Add];

Step 2:
1) Input name of auto message;
2) Select message template (if there's no records available, please set message templates in advance);
3) Select sending time (If the same condition requires multiple messages to be sent, you can click the "+" sign on the right to add other message templates and sending times. It can be set 5 different time points at most);
4) Set additional criteria as needed: select the desired eBay account, country, SKU, shipping type(buyer selected), shipping service;

Step 3: Click [Save].


Ⅱ. Copy auto messages
New auto message would be generated with the name of "original name + _Copy".

Click [Setting] > [CS setting] > [Auto message] > Select sending conditions > [Action] > [Copy] > Click [Save] in the pop-up window, or modify the message name and click [Save].


Ⅲ. Delete auto messages

Step 1: Click [Setting] > [CS setting] > [Auto message] > Select sending condition;

Step 2: Single operation: Click [Action] > [Delete];
             Bulk operation: Tick the desired auto messages > Click [Delete].


1. If the application condition is not specified, then system would auto apply to all.
2. Auto message and auto feedback feature would only be available when you have subscribed Sales and CRM module at the same time.
3. Under the same sending condition, when multiple automatic messages are added to the message list page, even if the same order meets the conditions for multiple automatic messages, only the automatic message with the highest priority is executed. If the order needs to be sent at multiple different intervals and different messages, please click "+" in the same automatic message to set more message templates and intervals.