Message templates

There are some system message template in [Setting] > [CS setting] > [Message template] > [System template] for use.Besides, users can add custom template if needed.

Ⅰ. Add messages templates
The message template can be used to set auto messages or emails and reply eBay messages.

Step 1: Click [Setting] > [CS setting] > [Message template] > [Add];

Step 2:
1) Input template name and subject;
2) Click [eBay messages] to set auto messages / Click [Email] to set auto emails;
3) Select tag(s) inserting in content or subject if needed;

Step 3: Click [Save].


Ⅱ. Delete message templates
Once message template is deleted, the auto message rules applied with this message template would not become effective.

Step 1: Click [Setting] > [CS setting] > [Message template];

Step 2: Single operation: Click [Action] > [Delete];
             Bulk operation: Tick the desired message templates > Click [Delete].


Ⅲ. Text tags

System would replace the text tags with related info in auto messages or emails.

Tag name



 eBay buyer ID of a transaction


 Carrier used in an order


 Carrier tracing URL


 General carrier tracking URL:


 eBay item number in a transaction


 eBay item title


 Post date of an order


 Transaction payment date


 PayPal transaction ID


 Purchased quantity of a transaction


 Payment received for a transaction


 Recipient address in an order


 eBay account of a transaction


 Connected email in PushAuction


 The day the message to be sent in local time


 Tracking number of an order (applicable to the using PushAuction to make fulfillment and the package has a tracking number)


 Tracking number marked by eBay (applicable to the not-use-PushAuction to create a package and make fulfillment and markship)


 Carrier marked by eBay


Example: Set one message template about purchase notice to buyers.

Subject: Congratulations! You have just won the item.

                  Dear {{Buyer_eBay_Id}},

                  Congratulations! You have just won the item.

                  eBay item number: {{eBay_Item#}}
                  Item title: {{eBay_Item_Title}}

                  We will dispatch this item upon your full and cleared payment.

                  Thank you,