Seller's offer

Seller offers are the ability to send eligible buyers a discounted price on an item.

1. Synchronize the publication of the seller's quotation that can be sent

Step 1: Click [Publish] > [eBay Follow];
Step 2: Click [Sync eBay] in the upper right corner of the page;
Step 3: Select an eBay account > Click [Sync eBay].

2. Send seller quotations for a single publication

Step 1: Click [Publication] > [eBay Follow];
Step 2: Click the tab [Quotation] at the top > Click [Quotation] on the right side of the listing;
Step 3: Enter the quotation amount > Fill in the quotation message> Click [quote].

3. Multiple publications to send seller quotations

Step 1: Click [Publication] > [eBay Follow];
Step 2: Click the tab [quote] field at the top > select all eBay accounts / or select a single eBay account > select a site > check the listing [can be more Select] > Click [Quote];
Step 3: Enter the percentage discount > Fill in the quotation message > Click [Quote].

1. Bulk sending seller quotations does not support cross-site operation, that is, you need to select listings on the same site to operate;
2. Batch sending seller quotations supports cross-eBay account operation, that is, you can select all eBay account listings for operation.