Sell with variations

Variations belongs to fixed price. It suitable to list items with multiple different variations, offering more choices for buyer.

Step 1: Click [Listings] > Profiles [All];

Step 2: Click [Add];

Step 3: Input [Name] (profile name only display in system) > Select the Listing type as "Variations" > Set the profile info;

Step 4: Set the variation details

Case1 (suitable for only one variation) :
1) Select one number > Click [Add new variation];
2) Click [New column] > Select or input the variation name(s) and variation values;
3) Input Platform Sub SKU > Input Sub SKU as needed >Input UPC/EAN/MPN > Input QTY and Price;


Case2 (suitable for more than one variations) :
1) Click [Bulk add variation] > Input Sub SKU information > Select variation name(s) / Click [Add new item specifics] to enter your own > Select or input the variation values > Click [OK];
2) Tick the desired rows > Click [Platform sub SKU], [SKU], [Change UPC], [Change quantity], [Change price], [Edit variation value] or [Add by pasting] to input the info;

Tips for variations editing:
1. Support reverse selection of checking bulk variations;
2. When modifying bulk platform sub SKUs of variations , keywords can be replaced;
3. Click on [Sub SKU], select rules to match bulk platform sub SKUs to sub SKUs;
4. [Add by pasting] support editing sub SKUs.

Step 5: Click [Reset picture] > Select one variation > Add variation pictures;

Step 6: Click [Check eBay fee & Save]; (more buttons would display after save)

Step 7: Click [List to eBay] or [Schedule] if necessary.


1. Some categories do not support to list with variations, which varies among sites. Please ask eBay for more details.
2. Please use eBay recommended keywords more during the definition of variation names and values. To enter your own, please use the words following the site language custom.
For instance, if you would like use color as the variation name, it's recommended to spell as "color" in US site, but "colour" in UK site.
3. The eBay account, Site, Listing type, Duration day cannot be updated once the listing is published successfully.
4. [Platform Sub SKU] is a required field; If you need to process orders/packages in PA, you need to fill in the [Sub SKU].