Template overview

A professional design of your eBay online shopping store and product displays is essential in today’s digital marketing and e-commerce competitions.

PushAuction has been successfully improving the template designs and provide exquisite advanced decoration effects. A well-design will potentially attract more buyers, improve the revisiting rate, increase the purchase conversion rate and enhance seller’s reputation. You can find a wide range of designs and choose the suitable template according to the needs of your store and products, so as to beautify the store and listings more efficiently.


Ⅰ. Template Overview
PushAuction provides Advanced Template, Standard Template and Custom Template.

Advanced template includes free templates and paid templates.
                                   Free template --- only show the brief outline of listing template, with very limited effect.
                                   Paid template --- available when you open template service. We will consistently upgrade more listing templates.

Standard template is no longer updated and will be discontinued at the end of 2021. Please upgrade to use advanced templates.

Custom template are the self-defined listing templates based on PushAuction platform. PushAuction does not provide technical support.
                               The specific design text in the template would be converted to certain content upon application.


Ⅱ. Advantages of using paid templates

 ♥ Personalized design: listing template and mobile template with united style professional decoration.

 ♥ Unlimited use: more exquisite advanced templates will be launched consistently, with various styles including seasonal decorations and holiday promotion templates.

 ♥ Free combination: paid templates provide a variety of typesetting modules, flexible selection and free combination.

 ♥ Enhanced decoration: paid templates provide the personalized logo/ advertising banners/ store category/ navigation / slider promotions/ size module and etc.

 ♥ Simple operation: you can batch apply template and edit it at any time, and also can add multiple sets of templates at a time for replacement.

 ♥ Additional features: paid templates enable mobile terminals to display item promotions, and allow to add item specifics and positive feedback to item description.

 ♥ Free customization: you can get a free custom design after opening template service.


Ⅲ. View templates

Step 1: Click [Designs] > [Advanced template] > [View] templates (According to preference, you also can enter the categories in the left column to browse);

Step 2: When the template is completely loaded, you can click it to view a larger image.