Create a Offsite Ads campaign

By running Offsite Ads, you can expand your reach on external channels such as Google, and all eligible listings can be promoted in leading external search channels, such as Google Shopping Ads and Bing Shopping Ads, to attract a wider audience of potential buyers to your listings.
Please note: You can check the status of offsite ads in the "Ad campaign" column of your eBay Account list in the "Setting" section. If it shows that the offsite ads feature has Ineligible, you can contact your eBay manager to apply for its activation.
Here are the steps to create an offsite ads:
Step 1: Click on "Listing" - "Offsite Ads" to enter the campaign management list.

Step 2, click on 'Add' in the upper right corner

Step 3: Fill in the offsite ads name, select the eBay account and site for the offsite ads, and then set the duration and daily budget for the campaign.
  • Each eBay account and site can only create one valid off-site ad campaign.
  • eBay recommends that offsite ads campaigns should last at least 4 weeks for better promotion effects.
  • Click on the recommended budget number by eBay to apply eBay's suggested value.
Step 4: Click "Update to eBay" to finish.