Add products

Product is the key of selling as all the workflow are connected and performed around product circulation. SKU is the common custom code designed for better product management, each kind of product is linked with one unique SKU which resembles Custom label in eBay sites. From a broad scope, the meaning of product and SKU are exchangeable, and usually we refer to SKU when we are talking about product.

Adding SKUs helps you simplify system operations in the following ways:

1. Classify, search for and manage products in a faster way. Standardizing SKU names would benefit you in finding product records from the same category or certain single record quickly. You can prefix your SKUs with English acronyms of your products, and suffix them with supplementary alphanumeric or memos. Take clothing category as an example. You can prefix with CLO, and suffix with accumulated series number, then when you search with the keyword "CLO", all the SKU records from clothing category would be displayed, and when search with specific series number, certain SKU record would be displayed. Of course, you can also use other value to name your SKUs in real operations.
2. Create profiles in a faster way. The pictures and descriptions defined in products can be loaded into profiles directly. If you would like to list one product to different eBay accounts or sites, you can add different descriptions in one product, and select the desired description in different profiles to apply the content quickly, instead of entering or copying the info manually.
3. Manage orders in a faster way. The predefined customs declaration info can be embedded into new orders automatically, then you can apply tracking number for EUB order without any troubles, or export standard shipping orders with complete customs declaration info to make reservations quickly. However, the customs declaration column would be empty if no info defined earlier in products. At this moment, you need to complete the info manually order by order before accessing to the next step.

At present PushAuction supports the following three ways to create products: add a product, upload products, and copy a product.

Ⅰ. Add a product

Step 1: Click [Products] > [Add];

Step 2: Input [Product information], [Customs declaration information] etc > [Save].


1. SKU should be a unique value.
2. If there is no picture uploaded before, you can click [Upload picture] or [Use external picture] to add pictures.
3. System supports multiple descriptions templates and auto-imported to profiles for choice.
4. Input the English product name in customs declaration information title 1 and select the language according to the requirements of logistics declaration to input title 2. Some of them require Chinese name in title 2.
5. Follow the specify logistics requirement to input item type, HKP mail type, KRP category of letter.

Ⅱ. Upload products

In the [PA product file], the "CustomTitleEN", "CustomTitleEN", "CustomTitleCN", "Weight" and "DeclaredValue" means "Title1", "Title2", "Weight (unit type is kg)", and "Declared value" in product. "OriginCountryCode" means the designated country code of country of origin. "Length", "Width" and "Height" means the product length, width and height (unit type is cm). Of all the columns in the file, only "Length", "Width" and "Height" are optional while the others are compulsory. None of the column titles can be updated or deleted. Please leave the column tile alone and keep the content empty if you don't want to fill in the optional column.

Step 1: Click [Products] > [Upload];

Step 2: Click [Download PA product file sample] > Input product information in the download excel file;

Step 3: Click [Browsers…] to choose the saved excel > Choose the new SKU upload folder > Click [Upload].

1. This is a fast way to upload some basic product info, and you can edit the product if necessary when uploading is complete, such as add picture(s) and description(s).
2. If you need to modify the existing product information, you can also download and modify it. Please check the box when uploading [Update existing products by SKU].

Ⅲ. Copy a product

Step 1: Click [Products] > [Action] > [Copy];

Step 2: Input SKU and name > [Save].

When copying a product is complete, you can edit the product if needed.


Q1. How can I export the [SKU] in ec-Ship system?
A1. Login, go to [System] -> [SKU], and then click the [CSV download] or [Excel download] button to complete.