In order to ensure that every user can enjoy the system services fairly, we will strictly implement the system usage limit and calculation from January, 2023.

The calculation method will increase the upper limit of usage according to quantity of subscribed users and eBay accounts.

Calculation formula: function base × (user accounts + eBay accounts) .

You can view the current system usage in [Settings] - [Account Management] - [Subscription]. If the usage is insufficient, please adjust the quantity of user or eBay accounts to prevent the business from being affected.

System has three modules, Lister, Sales and CRM.

Lister – Includes pictures, products, templates, profiles, schedule, refill and relist, Excel uploads and downloads, etc.
Sales – Includes order management, best offers, mark-shipped, tracking number uploads, download templates, Order cancellation, etc.
CRM - Includes eBay messages, auto messages, auto feedbacks, dispute and customer views, etc.

Please make subscription according to your business needs. The monthly subscription fee is based on the number of users, the number of eBay accounts and selected system modules. Please note that subscription should start with two users and two eBay accounts, of which one user and one eBay account is given for free.


Standard monthly fee (USD) = [(# of user - 1) + (# of eBay account - 1)] x (# of module) x 5.00


Note: System has usage limit . If your usage exceeds the limit, you need to add an account to meet the usage. The specific limit of a single account is as follows:


Free User

Paid User



10000 x number of accounts



50000 x number of accounts



500 x number of accounts



10000 x number of accounts



2000 x number of accounts


200 / month

2000 x number of accounts / month

Create parcel

200 / month

2000 x number of accounts / month

Reply eBay message

200 / month

2000 x number of accounts / month

*Number of accounts=number of users + number of eBay accounts

For example, if you have subscribed the Lister/Sales/CRM module with 3 users accounts and 4 eBay accounts, the number of listing that can be managed is 2000 * (3+4) =14000, and the number of orders that can be marked for shipment is 2000 * (3+4) =14000 per month. In this case, the monthly fee is $75.00.

When system usage reaches the upper limit
The system usage will not be limited at once when reaching the upper limit. The function limit will start in 3days later. For example, if the image exceeds the limit after 3 days, you cannot continue to upload images, but you can still edit or delete existing images.
The excess data will not be affected in a short time. However, if it is not deleted or upgraded for a long time, system will clear the excess data according to the last update time.(Excess data retain 3 months for free users, 1 year for paid users.) (Data in the eBay backend is not affected)


Please make a subscription following the steps:

Step 1: Click [Settings] > [Account management] > [Subscription] > [Subscribe];

Step 2: Check the desired module(s) > Select the desired number of user, eBay account and subscription month quantity > [Subscribe] to login to the corresponding payment platform to finish payment.




1. When making payment complete, the page would be re-directed to system, please do not close the page during the process. After re-direct success, please re-login system to check updated status.

2. Auto message and auto feedback feature would only be available when you have subscribed Sales and CRM module at the same time.

3. You can make a subscription before service due. System will deduct the balance of the original service, and you pays the difference. Service time will start at current date, monthly extension.
4. You can add the number of module, user and eBay account at any time, the balance would be calculated in the new service.
5. If you would like to deduct the number of module, user or eBay account, please update until last service expired.